Who We Are

About Us

South Fulham Primary Care Network (PCN) is a forward-thinking and passionate network based in the heart of south-west London - spanning Fulham, Parsons Green and Wandsworth Bridge Road.  We are a network of seven local GP practices serving a population of 63,000 patients.

The PCN employs staff on behalf of the network and holds directly commissioned contracts from NHS England and North West London Integrated Care System. 

We are an innovative, can-do and ambitious team who aim to provide consistent, excellent healthcare for all our patients and local residents. We have a diverse team of twenty five staff from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds; including Paramedics, Pharmacists, Link Workers, Care Coordinators and Health & Wellbeing Coaches.  We are excited to guide our PCN through its next stage of growth and development.

Who we are

Ethos: Together we can do more

Vision: South Fulham PCN will provide high quality care through an inclusive and community-focused approach.

Values: Accountability, Compassion, Honesty, Contribution, Quality, Professionalism, Effectiveness

Our values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide our organisation. They were developed by our PCN Board - at which every practice is represented - and refined and expanded in January 2024 at our organisation-wide Away Day.  

We believe our values demonstrate the core ideals we represent as a Primary Care Network towards our patients, colleagues and stakeholders.

PCN Strategy

In May 2023 we co-designed our PCN Strategy with the PCN Board.  The PCN has five strategic themes for 2023-24, against which we have made significant progress:

  1. Integration through engagement and co-production
    • Forging new and strengthen existing connections with key stakeholders across Hammersmith & Fulham, whilst having strong visibility in our local area.
  1. Valuing our workforce
    • Developing a positive culture by incorporating our company values and optimising retention of staff through regular development opportunities.
  1. Delivering care effectively and efficiently
    • Continuing to embed a quality improvement approach by sharing resources and best practice across our GP surgeries. 
  1. Ensuring organisational development and longevity
    • Identifying growth opportunities and ensuring ongoing financial sustainability for the network.
  1. Addressing health inequalities and community development
    • Identifying local need by working with local communities.
    • Using local assets and resources to address health & wellbeing issues for our local residents.

In the late spring of 2024 we will review our company strategy by identifying both our accomplishments and our areas for growth, to ensure our strategic objectives continue to align to our core values and vision. We will develop our new strategic roadmap based on national, regional and - most importantly - local needs.

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