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South Fulham PCN is connecting and working with our local Voluntary & Community Sector organisations (VCS) to improve our local residents' health and wellbeing. 

We have developed a concept called "Thriving Fulham" which we believe will help:

  • Reduce local health inequalities 
  • Improve health equity for all
  • Develop better relationships and partnerships between health, care and the local community
  • Improve access to health, care and wellbeing services and activities in Fulham and wider.

"Thriving Fulham" is a concept to enable a thriving neighbourhood community in Fulham with the ambition of strengthening or forging new connections between health organisations and local community to help reduce health inequalities. 

One of the ways we are connecting is via our Thriving Fulham Breakfast meetings

Latest updates:

[added 19/06/2024]

Across the months of April and May our PCN team joined up with various local organisations to take part in 3 Health and Well-being events in the community.

A promotional flyer we created to share with the public and raise awareness of the events

On the 26th of April some of our PCN colleagues attended an event called 'Healing Our Broken Village' at Sands End Arts and Community Centre. It was a great event raising awareness of health inequalities and engaging with the local community. Our team were their to raise awareness of the PCN, our Social Prescribing Link Worker service and also deliver blood pressure (BP) checks. 

On the 27th April our PCN team worked with Fulham FC and their Foundation (Fulham FC Foundation) to put on a Health Promotion and Awareness campaign before the start of their game against Crystal Palace. The team delivered BP checks, gave out resources around Health & Well-being advice, and engaged with the community to understand what is important to them.

Lastly, on the 15th May, our PCN team attended a Health Day at The Creighton Centre with a number of other local organisation sharing information about the various health and well-being services available in the borough, advice and guidance, and also delivering BP checks. 

Do you have an event our PCN team could come along to? 

Please get in touch! We are always looking for opportunities to connect with other local organisations, engage with our community and share valuable health information with the public.

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